What Is Video Marketing And Why Is It Important?

One option and effective way to tell people about your product or service is through video marketing.

A video marketing strategy is a must-have in today’s day and age when social media and learning through storytelling and visuals is on the rise.

You can’t do what you’ve always done or fail to get on board with video marketing and expect to be a successful business and business owner.

Part of digital marketing is being able to create engaging videos that your target audience wants to watch and share with others.

Here you can learn more about what is video marketing and the importance of it.

What is Video Marketing and Why is it Important?

Video marketing and creating videos are a way to promote and tell about your product or service by making a video to view and share.

It’s a powerful way to connect with your target audience and make certain they hear your message and what you have to say.

It helps boost engagement and provides you with a greater reach across social channels and online when your target market chooses to share it with others. 

The information you choose to share in your animated videos needs to be easily digestible and to the point.

Video marketing important in that you can grab the attention of your target audience and share brand videos or event videos that people can appreciate. 

What is Video Marketing and Why is it Important

Why Video Marketing Works

It’s not only important but considered an essential part of digital marketing and any marketing strategy.

You must adopt it sooner or later to stay ahead of your competitors and to keep up with the latest advancements in technology and marketing. 

It’s vital to do this today since it is an effective way to attract attention to your brand and product or service as well as it allows you to convert customers into sales and loyal shoppers who will return in the future.

The truth is that videos work a lot better than producing and sharing text or images alone to video viewers. 

What are Explainer Videos?

In addition to demo videos and how to videos, another type of video you may want to consider creating as part of your strategy is an animated explainer video.

These are popular and a good choice since they are short and to the point and an engaging way to tell or explain how something works.

These are marketing videos that usually demonstrate how to use a product or service and are likely to boost sales or sign-ups in the process. 

Where to Use Explainer Videos

You should consider placing them on your website’s homepage and on your social media platforms so your customers see and view them.

These videos work since they get right to the point and have the potential to increase conversion rate.

Not only that but you will appreciate the fact that they are cost-effective.

You may also want to use expert interviews so that your videos are more credible and believable.

It could also be enjoyable to share some behind the scenes clips that your users will find interesting. 

Benefits of Video Content Marketing

Be glad to know there are many benefits of video marketing that will come from your efforts.

You’re going to be able to better engage with potential customers and current customers as well as capture what value is added when choosing to work with your business over your competitors.

Some additional upsides that video marketing can bring to you are as follows:

  • Stand apart from the competition (i.e. live video)
  • Growing in popularity across all channels
  • More and longer visibility on social channels through social media marketing
  • A better understanding of your product or service
  • A more personal way to communicate
  • Can rank higher in search
  • A powerful sales tool (video ads)

Calls to action will also help ensure that you’re meeting your objectives and ultimately increasing sales and conversions, which is what you want as a business owner.

These videos aren’t just for fun but serve a business purpose and it’s another reason why they need to be well done and well made.

Benefits of Video Content Marketing

Reasons to Start Now

It’s best to start sooner rather than later experimenting with video marketing so that you can continue to improve and put out even better results in the long run.

These videos can be easily and widely shared on digital and social channels not only by your company but also by your audience.

They may require an investment up front but just think about how much you’ll be able to use them in the future and how much you can get out of them with the right strategy and approach in place. 

Challenges of Video Marketing

Like anything, video marketing also has some challenges that come with it.

You may be new to this topic and have a lack of money, resources, and knowledge.

This can be an obstacle that your business or any small business may face.

You may also have few content ideas or feel unsure of how to write a video script. 

In this case, you can look to AI-powered marketing tools to help you with this type of task such as that Ask Optimo has to offer.

You’re going to want to have your marketing team involved in the process and set up a project management timeline so that you keep on budget and on track with deadlines.

Risks with Poor-Quality Videos

In addition, low-quality and poor videos can potentially harm your reputation and backfire.

These videos can be distracting when they are too long or uninformative.

Production time can be time-consuming and the reality is that not all of your users or audiences will enjoy watching the videos that you create. 

The technology needs to be available and intact as well so that the videos aren’t slow to load or cut out.

If you don’t put in the time and money required to produce winning videos then you are putting yourself at risk of losing customers. 

Tips for Producing Engaging Video Content

Tips for Producing Engaging Video Content

All of these benefits and the importance of video marketing may have sparked your interest and you may now be wondering where to start.

Be glad to know that we have some useful tips to share about how to create engaging video content that is more likely to get watched and shared. 

You need creative and good ideas to begin because you need to hook your audience right away.

Keep your videos short as well because you have a better chance of them being watched all the way through this way.

Shorter videos have also been known to convert more easily as well.

The videos need to be credible and informative and add value to the viewer. 

You also need to confirm you have a call to action at the end of each video you create.

This will help you generate leads and allow you to get the most out of your videos.

Share it so you can increase traffic and get pushed higher up in search results.

Once you get people to watch then try to get reviews and share social proof so that others become interested in the videos as well. 

The Videos Need to be Informative & Engaging

You need to know how to tell an engaging story and make sure you’re answering all the necessary questions that your viewers might be asking and want to have answers to.

Keep an eye on your videos and make sure someone on your team is responding to questions and comments that come in. 

You can watch this video to gather additional tips and advice so that your first video is nothing less than informative, engaging, and interesting.

Importance of Having A Video Marketing Strategy

Most importantly, your brand or company needs to have a video marketing strategy in place and offer valuable content.

This isn’t a project or initiative that you want to wing and then hope all goes well for you.

Instead, you need solid ideas and a good plan to follow so that you can reach your goals and ensure a successful outcome. 

The main reason you are doing this in the first place is to connect with your target audience and make sure they understand the benefits of your products or services and how to use them.

It engages your audience, helps build trust, and allows you to establish a relationship with them.

Steps to follow: 

  1. Always start by mapping out your goals and the reasons why you are implementing a video marketing strategy in the first place. 
  2. Next, identify and confirm your target audience.
  3. Decide the story you want to tell and get creative with it.
  4. Stick to deadlines and a timeline.
  5. Keep a realistic budget. 

Failure to Have A Video Marketing Strategy

Without a strategy, you risk not investing enough time, money, and resources into your project and it not turning out as you had hoped.

Your strategy is your roadmap to ensuring you stay on track and that your end output is ready to view and shareable.

If you fail to follow a strategy and go with the flow or only put in half the effort then it may be that your video is poor quality and not engaging and that it gets shared for all the wrong reasons. 

How Ask Optimo Can Help with Video Marketing

If you are a small business or have a small staff then you may want help with this project and want to know ways to stick to your budget and not overspend on video marketing.

The good news is that Ask Optimo can help you with your video marketing tasks. 

Optimo is a way to become a smarter marketer and get your tasks done in half the time.

When it comes to video in particular, Optimo has a few tools you may be interested in using.

For example, the AI tools can help you write an engaging video script that gets noticed or help you generate catchy YouTube titles. 

All you need is a theme and some direction of what you’re looking to create and Optimo will do the heavy lifting for you.

It will complete this task quickly and you can continue to use it or enter in new ideas as many times as you’d like at no cost to you. 

Assistance Writing Video Scripts

Typically, writing video scripts is a huge project that takes up a large amount of time for your marketing team.

Therefore, why not consider getting it done more quickly and getting an even better result with help of AI tools and technology?

Every marketer gets stuck sometimes with writing and putting words together for their first video so they flow and make the most sense.

You’re not alone and are making a wise choice to enlist the assistance of this online tool. 

Build Trust & Engage Your Audience with Video Marketing

You now have a better idea of what video marketing is and all the reasons why it’s so important.

You simply can’t afford to not do it or ignore this marketing task at your company. It needs to be part of your content marketing plan and marketing strategy. 

Once you have these videos created you can share them on social media and watch your conversion rates flourish.

Videos are cost effective ways to create an emotional connection with smartphone users and are a powerful tool for building trust and many businesses are recognizing these benefits.

Get Started Today Creating Video Content

Optimo can help get you started if you’re feeling lost or stuck on your video content and video script.

All you have to do is create an account and log in to begin creating your video content and getting your ideas down in writing. 

Why wait any longer to launch and roll out your video marketing strategy?

It’s a piece of the puzzle that you can’t put off any longer if you’re going to succeed long-term.

Be prepared to gain new customers and engage with internet users who then turn to conversions and sales.

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