What Are The Benefits of AI in Marketing?

It’s no secret that a robust, effective marketing strategy is key to finding business success.

Alas, in this day and age, it can feel as if putting together those revenue-boosting marketing campaigns is more difficult than ever before.

After all, whatever industry you’re in and whatever products or services you provide, you’ll have an ocean of competition in your quest for customers.

While many companies elect to outsource their marketing needs to an expert company, a new and exciting option is to use artificial intelligence to handle some of the trickier and more complex aspects of marketing.

On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know about using artificial intelligence in your marketing, including what it involves, the benefits, and real-world use cases. 

What is AI Marketing?

You’ll have heard of artificial intelligence, or AI for short.

It’s all anyone who has been talking about for months now (in the tech world, at least).

The potential applications of AI are essentially endless, and so it should come as no surprise that it’s having an increasingly influential role in the world of marketing.

So what is it exactly?

AI in marketing is simply using artificial intelligent tools to quickly and effectively manage some of the major challenges that marketers (and small to mid-sized business owners) face.

Using these tools can help to refine existing marketing strategies, create new ones, and provide valuable data that help to increase marketing success.

Artificial intelligence can’t do all of your marketing tasks, but it can take you a long way — and in a much shorter period than if you were doing everything on your own, too. 

The Benefits of AI in Marketing

The Benefits of AI in Marketing

The use of artificial intelligence in marketing is still in its infancy, and in truth, there’s no telling what advantages it might bring in the coming years.

Some marketing experts believe that artificial intelligence could be the single greatest revolution to happen to the industry, helping to solve many of the age-old problems that marketers have historically had to face. 

But that’s for the future.

Today, we’re already seeing a host of advantages that make incorporating artificial intelligence into your marketing campaigns a no-brainer. 

Some of the primary benefits of using AI in marketing include:

Efficient Working

We tend to think that crafting marketing ideas, campaigns, and materials takes time.

But everything is subjective.

While it can certainly take humans a long time to manage the myriad marketing tasks that all businesses need, machines have no such problem.

They’re capable of “working” at speeds much faster than a human could hope to achieve, and they don’t need to take a break, either.

For instance, let’s say you want to create four weeks’ worth of content ideas.

That could take an employee a whole working day, or more.

With a tool like Optimo, you can get a well-thought-out, engaging content calendar in under ten seconds.

Now that’s a level of efficiency that would have been unthinkable even one year ago. 

It’s Cost Effective

Marketing can be cheap.

But good marketing?

That’ll usually set you back more than a pretty penny.

After all, a lot of working hours are required to put together extensive marketing campaigns that get results.

And expertise doesn’t come for free, either.

While incorporating AI tools into your operations won’t eliminate your budget (those machines can’t do everything), it can certainly help to keep costs down. 

Even the paid AI marketing solutions are better for your budget, purely because of the speed at which they work, but there are a host of free options out there too.

At Opimo, you can get unlimited use of our powerful AI tools by signing up for a free account. And it doesn’t get much more cost-effective than that. 

Creative Ideas

Even marketing experts can have trouble coming up with new content ideas.

No one has an endless source of creativity to draw upon.

And that’s just the marketing experts — business owners that can’t afford to hire a marketing company to handle this essential part of their operations have even more difficulty. 

Artificially intelligent marketing tools can help to bridge the creative gap when inspiration is in short supply, helping to avoid the problem of producing uninteresting, repetitive content.

For example, Opimo offers a tool that will provide you with ten blog post titles based on a single word or concept.

In as little as ten seconds, you could go from “I can’t think of a blog topic” to having a month’s worth of ideas. 

Improve Engagement

Marketers aren’t interested in creating quality content just for the sake of it.

They’re interested in creating engaging content that gets the attention of the public.

You can’t hope for marketing materials to be effective if they’re not produced with an eye on grabbing the attention of your audience. 

To do this, you need to know who your target audience is, and that can be tricky — if you’re using traditional market research methods.

The sophistication of artificial intelligence allows it to produce quality, usable market research, which in turn can be used to create content that works.

To use this tool yourself, give Optimo’s market research tool a try. 

Use Cases for AI in Marketing

Use Cases for AI in Marketing

OK, so now we’ve got a pretty clear idea of all the goodness that AI marketing can bring to marketers and small to mid-sized business owners.

Now let’s take a look at how this works in practice.

The AI marketing world is still pretty young, and there’ll be plenty more tools that you can use in the coming years once the technology has become more advanced.

But even now, there are a whole host of powerful, effective tools at your disposal.

Below, we’ll run through some of the existing ways you can use AI to turbocharge your marketing campaigns. 

Create a Marketing Campaign

If there’s one marketing task that has the capacity to overwhelm, it’s the creation of the marketing campaign.

This task is complicated because it relies on ideas, which can be difficult to come up with, and because it has to be effective.

You can get away with one bad blog post — but if you have a bad marketing campaign, then it’ll be an expensive and time-consuming error.

AI can make the development of your marketing campaign much more straightforward.

For instance, at Optimo, you’ll find a ‘marketing campaign ideas’ tool, which, once you’ve input some keywords, will generate five campaign ideas, all within a matter of seconds.

You might not use all of the ideas as they are (though you might!), but at the very least they’ll provide an excellent starting point. 

Improve Your SEO

If Google can’t find your excellent website, does it even exist?

We have to say that, for all intents and purposes, it does not.

The AI world may open up the search market slightly, but for now and the foreseeable future, Google rules the web.

Getting a website onto the first page of results is the holy grail for all businesses.

This historically difficult task can be made much more straightforward with the help of artificial intelligence.

For example, at Optimo, we provide a whole host of SEO-boosting tools that can help ensure that you give your website everything that Google (and other search engines) are looking for.

Thanks to AI, you no longer have to stack the chips against you by having meta descriptions, titles, and keywords that don’t serve your SEO goals.

Let machine learning tools handle the heavy lifting research that can take your site to the top of Google’s rankings. 

Video Production Assistance

The marketing game is always moving forward.

What was effective two years ago is no longer guaranteed to be effective today.

In 2023, video marketing — a historically underused marketing method — has shot towards the top of effective strategies.

While many businesses know that video marketing could help them, few have made it part of their strategy.

And that’s in part because of the perceived challenges in producing an attention-grabbing video.

The assumption is that if writing a blog post can be difficult, then producing a marketing video could be extremely challenging.

While AI can’t write, shoot, and edit the video for you, there are handy tools that can nudge you in the right direction.

At Optimo, we offer tools that will produce a video script based on your prompt.

From there, you’ll take over.

You can come back to Optimo to use our AI YouTube Video Title tool, which will give you 10 attention-grabbing titles. 

Create Attention-Grabbing Ads

New marketing strategies pop up all the time — but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore or discount all older methods.

For example, Facebook advertising can still be extremely effective, if you get it right.

Since this is a paid strategy, it’s important to do everything you can to make your ads stand out from the crowd and get attention.

If you don’t, then that’ll just be money down the drain.

At Optimo, we offer a Facebook Ads tool that can produce effective primary text, headlines, and descriptions for your ads.

Do you also advertise on Google?

Then our Google Ad Copy tool will give you the text you need to produce an effective ad group. 

Make Sure Your Emails Are Read

Did you know that email marketing can be up to 40x more effective than Facebook and Instagram marketing?

It’s true.

But the key part of that sentence is can be.

Alas, many email marketing attempts fall at the first hurdle.

You might have brilliant content within the emails you send, but if your subject lines are uninspiring, then there’s every chance that your emails are sent straight to the junk folder without ever being opened.

You can use AI to improve your email open rate by using Optimo’s Email Subject Line Creator tool.

Simply input information about what your email is about, and the snappy tool will quickly churn out ten appealing subject lines that’ll increase the chances that your emails are opened — and read. 

Assert Your Authority

You might know that you’re a leader in your industry.

But does your audience know?

The public won’t automatically know that your company is the one to trust; you have to show them.

While there are many ways to do this, one of the most effective — and easiest — ways is to have informative, expert content on your website.

You can get the content you need in a matter of seconds by having an AI tool produce FAQ content, which can go straight onto your website after you’ve double-checked the content and made any edits. 

How to Get the Most Value From AI Marketing Tools

How to Get the Most Value From AI Marketing Tools

You can do a lot with AI marketing tools, but they can’t do everything for you.

You’ll have some role to play!

Follow the tips outlined below to ensure your venture into the wonderful world of AI is nothing but a success.

Use the Right Tools

The tech world has been flooded with AI tools in recent months, and not all of them are good.

If you’re going to put the success of your marketing campaigns in the hands of a tool, make it a good one.

The team behind Optimo have many years of working in marketing, so you can have confidence that you’re working with the best.

Human Intervention

AI is a tool, not the finished article.

Using a machine to write a blog post is recommended, but only as a starting point.

It’s best to have human eyes look over — and in many cases, make changes to — any content that you have AI produce. 

Optimo: The Essential AI-Powered Marketing Tool

As we’ve seen, there are already plenty of benefits of incorporating AI into your marketing strategies — and there’ll be many more in the years to come.

If you’re eager to test out the potential of AI, then check out Optimo, an all-powerful AI tool that includes more than three dozen AI marketing tools that can make creating and running your marketing strategies easier than ever before.

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