The Ultimate AI Tool Box for Marketers And Businesses

AI tools are transforming the way marketers are getting their work done.

Artificial intelligence can now help with so many different tasks, helping marketers do everything from collecting valuable insights to creating engaging content.

There are so many AI tools out there that knowing which tools you should be using can be a little confusing.

You can choose tools that sit in different categories, and there are some that you can find will do a better job than others.

Building an AI tool box could streamline your entire process, allowing you to work smarter.

But first, you need to know which tools could be most valuable.

More than 60% of marketers have already used AI in their marketing operations, so now is your opportunity to join them and enjoy the benefits of AI-powered marketing.

What Is an AI Marketing Tool?

An AI marketing tool is any tool that uses artificial intelligence for automated decisions.

This can include tools that carry out a range of tasks, from writing content to finding grammar errors or developing marketing strategies.

AI tools use collected data to make these decisions and suggest the right actions for the best outcomes.

As a marketer, you still have full control over the actions that you take.

However, AI powered marketing tools provide you with deep insights and inspiration, as well as save you a lot of time.

How Do AI Marketing Tools Differ from Other Marketing Tools?

One of the main differences between AI marketing tools and other tools that you might be using is that they can automate everything that you do.

This can save you a lot of time, allowing you to use your time more wisely.

You still have the power to consider what you want your AI marketing tools to do for you, keeping you in control.

By changing the tool’s settings or individually considering each suggestion from the tool, you get the final decision on how you carry out your digital marketing activities.

Marketers can use AI in different ways.

Some may use it to do the majority of the heavy lifting, while others choose to use AI as more of a helpful sidekick.

AI gives them shortcuts and actionable insights, without doing everything for them.

The Benefits of Using AI Tools for Marketing

Using AI tools for your marketing activities has some incredible benefits.

As mentioned before, one of the key reasons many marketers choose to employ AI tools is that it saves them a lot of time.

However, there’s a lot more that AI can do for you as a marketer.

Here are some of the top benefits that you can experience as a marketer using AI tools.

Be Smarter with Your Time

Marketers can find themselves juggling hundreds of different tasks at once.

Strategizing, planning, creating, optimizing, analyzing, and more can all take up your time.

AI marketing tools help to make it easier to be smarter with your time and manage everything on your plate.

With the right tools, you can use automation to take care of some of your regular tasks.

You can streamline the processes you use to get your job done, without losing any quality from your work.

Get Amazing Insights

AI tools can deliver incredible insights that you can use for all sorts of marketing activities.

When you use AI tools to deliver information and insights about how to optimize your content, how to perfect your marketing strategy, and how to publish the best digital ads, you can take your performance to the next level.

AI tools use huge amounts of data to bring you the best insights and ensure you don’t miss out on what you should be doing to engage customers.

Optimize Your Marketing

Using AI marketing tools, you can optimize your marketing in multiple ways.

The right tools can help you to improve SEO for your website content, use the right strategy for your email marketing, and create PPC ads that sell.

The insights delivered by AI tools are evidence-based tips that tell you how to stand out in the space you’re working in.

All of the factors that influence different types of optimization can be analyzed and used to influence decision-making.

Build Better Customer Relationships

Building good customer relationships is a key responsibility for marketers. AI marketing tools help to make this task easier, delivering real-time insights into what your customers and doing and what they’re thinking. As well as providing you with valuable customer data, AI can automatically perform a variety of functions. It can separate customers into different groups, send automated communications, identify the customers who are more likely to come back, and more.

How to Build the Ultimate AI Marketing Tool Box

A useful AI marketing tool box should have a variety of different AI tools.

AI marketing tools can include software and platforms that perform various functions and help you with multiple marketing tasks.

Some tools may provide a wider suite of options for you to use, while others focus more on specific tasks.

Having a selection of AI marketing tools enables you to carry out a broad range of tasks using the power of AI.

AI Tools for SEO

So much goes into search engine optimization, and there’s no denying that it’s extremely time-consuming.

One of the best ways AI marketing tools can help to optimize and streamline your marketing workload is through SEO.

AI tools are capable of assisting with and automating a range of SEO tasks, from keyword research to optimizing content for search engines.

Optimo helps you with multiple SEO tasks, including determining keyword intent, keyword research, generating SEO titles and meta descriptions, link-building ideas, and more.

Our insights provide you with valuable data and inspiration to incorporate best SEO practices into your content and marketing strategies.

Plus, with a range of other ways to use AI to make your marketing smarter, you can make sure everything from your ads to your product descriptions is optimized.

AI Tools for SEO

Some SEO tools that use AI are more focused on SEO than others.

For example, Surfer SEO helps you to optimize your content by suggesting the best headings, keywords, outlines, and other elements for better-ranking content.

You can use it to audit your existing copy or make sure your copy and content are optimized as you write them.

Other tools incorporate some SEO features but provide a broader function.

Content Creation Tools

AI is getting a lot of attention for its increasing ability to create content with just a few instructions.

Tools like ChatGPT have been in the news for their capabilities and the many ways they are being used by everyone from marketers to students.

AI content generation has certainly come on in leaps and bounds, although there are still cases where it can’t completely replace the creativity and expertise of a human writer.

Some marketers may choose to use AI as content marketing tools for straightforward content generation.

Others use it as more of a helping hand to provide them with inspiration.

Once you have generated some text using AI, you can use it as an outline or to overcome writer’s block.

It can be used as a great planning tool and a starting point for great content.

Alternatively, some people choose to use the content as it is given to them by the tool they use.

This can certainly save a lot of time, although it’s worth doing some light editing for accuracy and readability, at least.

With Optimo’s copywriting tools, you can quickly get going on a range of writing tasks.

Generate a blog post intro or a whole blog post, a blog post brief, FAQs, a product description, or other types of content or planning tools that you need for your content marketing toolkit.

Content Creation Tools

Grammar and Spell Check Tools

Editing the content and copy that you write is important too, and the best AI tools can make this a lot easier.

An AI editing tool will not only spot your spelling mistakes, but can also make suggestions on grammar, syntax, and language use to help you optimize your writing.

One popular tool that’s used for checking grammar and spelling, as well as improving the readability and flow of writing, is Grammarly.

Grammarly uses machine learning, natural language processing, and other AI techniques to provide suggestions for how to improve writing in a number of categories.

Optimo can also proofread your content for you to check for errors and make sure you don’t have any glaring mistakes.

Checking your writing for errors ensures it looks professional and helps to make it easier to read too.

Social Media AI Tools

Marketers use social media in multiple ways, and keeping up with it all can be very time-consuming.

Managing to reach and engage with your target audience can be difficult too, especially as social media can be very noisy.

But AI tools could give you the boost that you need to streamline your work and stand out on the right platforms.

You can use AI to help you write social media posts and get content ideas, and it can also be an excellent planning tool and social media management tool.

Social Media AI Tools

One example of an AI tool providing a specific function for social media marketing is

This tool helps you to discover and track social media influencers.

It provides a unified dashboard of all of your social media profiles, offering insights, scheduling tools, and the ability to find the best influencers for your brand.

How Marketers Are Using AI Tools

Marketers are making use of AI tools in a broad range of ways.

For some marketers, AI is the support they need to save time and gain the insights to push their marketing further.

Others might lean on AI tools a little more, trusting them to take care of larger tasks such as writing whole pieces of content.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, 44% of marketers using AI are using it for content creation, and more than half of respondents to their survey feel that AI will greatly enhance their marketing efforts.

63% of marketers use AI tools for email marketing campaigns, and 63% plan to use them in their influencer campaigns.

A Capterra survey revealed that 82% of marketers saw AI-generated content as just as good or better than human-generated content.

Making the Most of Your AI Tool Box

With so many AI marketing tools available, finding the right ones can be tricky.

You don’t want to waste time or money, and you want to make the most of the tools you have.

Try these tips to find the right tools and put them to work.

Identify Ways to Streamline Your Marketing

Start by identifying the problems you need to solve and processes you could streamline.

What takes up most of your time, or what do you need the most help with?

This can help you to decide which tools are most important to invest in.

Know When and How to Use AI

AI can help you out in a lot of situations, but that doesn’t mean you want to rely on it too much.

There are times when AI can be your marketing assistant, but you may not want it to do all the work for you.

It’s important to know what AI can and can’t do for you to get the most from your tools.

Try Out Tools Before Buying

There are plenty of opportunities to try out AI powered tools before you buy them. Free trials or free basic tools can help you to decide whether you want to invest.

With Optimo, you can even get unlimited use when you sign up for free.

Start Marketing Smarter with AI

Building a tool box of AI marketing tools is something you can do over time.

Once you have built a collection of tools that are useful for your marketing process, you can save a lot of time and improve your output.

Consider your technology budget and make sure you budget for AI tools if you want to get on board with AI technology.

Use Optimo for free if you want to save money on streamlining your marketing activities.

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