5 Ways AI Can Boost Your YouTube Presence

In every industry, AI tools are becoming an essential part of growth.

There’s so much to gain from using these tools, and there are far too many uses for them to ignore them.

They can help you save time, they can inspire you and can process more data for you than you could ever dream of.

There are benefits of using AI for just about everyone, no matter what goal you’re trying to achieve – be it growing your business, looking for art inspiration, or in this case improving your YouTube videos. 

Creating consistent content for YouTube can be a lot of hard work, and with all of the competition that’s out there today, it’s nowhere near as easy as it might have been in the past – everyone wants to give it a try themselves.

Using advanced tools to help you gain success could be the key you need, and below you’ll find 5 ways AI can help to boost your channel.

What are AI tools?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’ve likely seen how far AI tools have grown over the past few years.

They’re everywhere, and they’re being used for almost everything. In the context of YouTube, there are a few different types of tools that are being made use of, and their usefulness can vary.

Whether you’re looking for a topic to base your video on, or you want to make sure your video has a higher chance of making it to the trending page – these tools can help you.

The way they work is, that artificial intelligence undergoes something called advanced machine learning.

They’re used to process an incredible amount of data surrounding certain topics – like YouTube videos, and they analyze various trends: what makes a video popular, what kind of audience interacts with these videos, and what you can do to get that same kind of engagement.

These tools can then be used to drive more traffic to your YouTube channel through suggestions or direct input.

What are AI tools

Producing relevant content 

Having an engaging topic isn’t always enough to make your video interesting to your audience.

Sometimes it helps to have a script, and it’s very common for these lengthy videos to be made based on a script.

There’s a chance that the videos you watch also have a script behind them – and while you might not be an expert writer, you’ll find that an AI can help you with that.

In the same way that AI can be used to write a relevant and engaging blog post, similar tools can help you to come up with a script. 

Even if you’re not looking to use the script provided by AI, these tools can analyze what kind of video content is popular right now, and provide suggestions on what you could do to make your channel more favorable.

Content analysis is a big part of how artificial intelligence works on YouTube, and it can be used to help you deliver content that really grabs the attention of your audience.

Being able to accurately pinpoint the kind of content that your audience is looking for would take over a billion hours for a human.

The amount of data that would need to be processed is extreme, and by the time you’ve got a good idea of what you need to put out – the trends have changed and you’re too late. 

Choosing a thumbnail

Sadly, it doesn’t matter how much work you’ve put into your video, or how engaging you’ve made it to your audience, that’s not the only factor that matters once you upload it.

Before viewers can enjoy what you’ve made, they first need to click on your video, and how that happens may seem like more than a mystery.

You might be relying on luck, or what you think would be the most appealing – and in some cases that might work.

However, there is an optimal way to go about things, and you’ll likely see that there’s a trend in the thumbnails between the currently popular videos.

The reason there’s a trend between these videos is that it’s proven that these thumbnails are incredibly effective in catching the attention of viewers.

Think about it next time you’re browsing YouTube.

What got you to click on the video content you’re currently watching?

What draws your attention to these videos – a portion of the reason will likely be the thumbnail. 

You don’t always have to go out of your way to make the most eye-catching thumbnail possible, and it’s not a great idea to lie about the contents of your video by using an unrelated picture.

Instead, through the use of AI tools, you can have your video analyzed, just as you would through video content analysis, and an AI will help you to decide on the best thumbnail.

Of course, it’s just a suggestion, and even that alone can be incredibly helpful for future reference when trying to make a high-quality thumbnail of your own.

Generate ideas for video titles

You’re not just relying on the thumbnail to get the attention of your viewers, you need a title that sounds interesting.

Clickbait has sadly become a necessity on social media and platforms like Youtube, especially if you’re trying to reach your target audience.

What you see on the trending page isn’t just there because a Google employee decided it would be, it’s there because the video managed to get the attention of many viewers in a short amount of time.

You have to be able to work with the algorithm, but it’s not always that easy if you can’t come up with a title.

You need something that describes the content of the video, isn’t too long, and engages the viewer enough to have them click the video.

Generate ideas for video titles

That can take a lot of creativity, and when you’re trying to be unique, you’ll have to think outside of the box. 

Instead of racking your brain for hours over what you should name your video, or giving an incredibly well-made video an uninspired title, you can use an AI tool for suggestions.

It’s as simple as describing the content of your video, as well as the topic that you want the title to be about, and tools like Optimo can provide you with numerous suggested click-bait titles that will help your video get more clicks.

It might feel cheap to use clickbait for such a well-made video, and there are a lot of creators who would rather not use them – however, as mentioned before, it’s almost unavoidable.

There’s such a high amount of content creators on YouTube at the moment, that getting your video noticed can be nearly impossible.

Going with what works best, such as clickbait titles is a necessity in beating your competition.

Video creation

Something that you may have seen recently gaining popularity is creation through AI.

More popular is the AI art that has been making the rounds.

AI can recreate paintings, create completely new paintings, and even create photos.

All you need to do is provide it with a text prompt, and it will provide the user with an image resembling what they’ve asked for.

Some pictures are so realistic looking, that they can pass off as real.

It doesn’t just stop there, however, as these tools can also be used to create and or edit videos.

It’s not like you can ask for a video and it will provide you with a masterpiece, there’s still the need for human interaction if you want something that’s passable as a watchable video, but with the right amount of work, you can have your own video made for you within just a few minutes.

When trying to achieve the right amount of audience engagement and site popularity, it can be really disheartening that a video that you’ve put hours of work into doesn’t take off or do very well.

It can feel like you’ve wasted passion. This is just another tool that helps you to avoid that.

Again, you can’t just give the AI a topic and have it create a long, engaging, and comprehensive video that’s watchable – it’s not that much of a shortcut.

Instead, you need to provide it with a script that you want it to follow.

Having a video script that AI can easily understand is going to help to provide you with the kind of video you have in mind.

These videos can also be voiced if you’re going through the right software, and some even have an AI avatar to make them more convincing. 

Some content creators aren’t comfortable with using their own voice or appearance to represent themselves online.

After all, YouTube content creators face a lot of criticism from anonymous viewers, and some feel it’s best to keep their identity to themselves.

Not having a voice paired with your video can lose you some engagement, and through AI you can have a voice for your videos.

Your video will be made using a video script, just like many other popular content creators.

Video creation

Catching trends

Staying ahead of the curve can feel like an impossible task, no matter who you are.

Business owners, influencers, and content creators – knowing what your audience wants and when can be one of the most difficult tasks.

It’s a rush to get there before your competitors do, and when it comes to creating YouTube videos, that’s even more of a challenge.

Everyone knows that writing, recording, and editing a video can take days to weeks of work – and if you’re trying to keep on top of trends by doing your own market research – you’re going to have a difficult time.

AI can help you catch these trends whenever they’re coming.

These tools can be used to monitor YouTube and social media platforms to see what topics are picking up in popularity to help you prepare for these trends.

You might find that with this kind of data analysis, you get enough of a heads-up to meet the trend when it’s at its peak.

Of course, these are only predictions based on what’s getting more popular – AI can’t tell the future.

It won’t be 100% accurate, but it will likely help you to gain visibility around your video if you work based on what you’ve been suggested.

While you may have your content planned out for the future, it’s good to be somewhat flexible if you’re aiming to catch the interests of your target audience.

Without using AI

It’s important to remember that creating content for YouTube isn’t always about hitting huge numbers for some people.

The same goes for social media – it’s not always a competition or something to be monetized.

You don’t need AI to help you boost your personal videos if you’re not trying to grow your channel – in fact, unless you’re going to put in the constant work, it might be a waste of your effort.

Keeping up with the algorithm can be a real pain, and some feel it takes the fun out of video creating and editing for them – so remember to have fun with it if that’s your goal.

What’s best for you?

If there’s something to take away from this, it’s that you can use AI-powered tools to boost your video in any number of ways.

Whether you want AI directly involved in the creation of your YouTube videos, or you just want inspiration and suggestions on what’s going to make your video more successful.

You can use AI to help you build your video from the ground up, and if you’re going to get the best out of the Youtube algorithm, that might even be the best choice to make.

Content creation can be a lot of work, and many are discouraged when their hard work doesn’t pay off – there’s no harm in enhancing that well-made piece of content with AI suggestions.

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