The Top Ways To Use AI For Social Media

Each and every day, we’re finding new uses for AI tools.

AI capabilities are growing constantly, and recently you’ve likely seen an increase in artificial intelligence uses.

Whether it’s used in business, social media, art, and so on.

It’s becoming a huge topic of discussion, as more people are seeing what artificial intelligence can do for us.

One of the areas where AI tools are becoming more useful is social media.

Individuals and businesses trying to grow their following may find that these tools can play a major part in your growth.

From suggested captions to full-on content plans for your media campaign – you’ll find that AI can be more useful to you than you realize.

It’s only a matter of time before everyone is using artificial intelligence to boost their own numbers.

What is AI for social media?

What exactly is artificial intelligence, and how has it come to the point where we can use it to improve our social media strategies?

Well, these artificial intelligence systems are trained using an unfathomable mass of data – data that human intelligence would not be able to analyze at the same time.

The AI is shown more and more data until it is able to accurately draw its own conclusion.

The process of ‘teaching’ an AI is called ‘machine learning’, which is a term you would have likely heard thrown around a lot since the AI discussion has taken off.

AI tools can analyze user data and recognize user patterns to determine what kind of content would be most successful when posted online.

This is already being used for things like social media ads, to target users based on their interests.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing

Social media marketing vs digital marketing

When it comes to businesses trying to grow their social media page, you might start to wonder what the difference is between social media marketing and digital marketing.

Well, it’s not like one is totally independent of the other, as social media marketing falls under digital marketing.

Digital marketing covers marketing on all digital platforms as a whole – blogs, SEO, email

So when it comes to social media marketing, think of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

With all of the traffic passing through these platforms on a daily basis, businesses would be foolish to pass up on marketing there.

That’s not just spamming advertisements, though, it’s about engaging with your audience and using that to grow.

You likely would have seen businesses personify their brand, having a personality behind the social media account that their social media audiences can relate to – which is just one example of social media marketing.

Importance of social media marketing

Everyone is on social media these days, and it’s one of the most popular pastimes when there’s nothing else going on.

Whether it’s to catch up with friends and family, or check out suggest posts related to your interests – the point is that you’re there looking at it, and so is everybody else.

This is a platform that every business should aim to capitalize on, using a variety of social media marketing strategies.

These strategies performed by social media marketers can be anything ranging from social media ads, to making sure social media posts are put out at the right time of the day.

Everything about what you post, how you post, and when you post, is incredibly important if you’re going to get more engagement.

There’s an optimal time of the day to reach your demographic, and you have to hit that – and AI tools can be used to help you with that.

How AI can improve your social media growth

Now you know what AI for social media is, it’s time to talk about how to use AI for social media.

First of all, you need to establish yourself on a social media platform of your choosing.

The more you can, the better – but there’s only so much time an individual has.

Plan out how you want to brand yourself, whether you’re a business or an individual, and then you can start looking at how artificial intelligence can help you.

Instagram captions

Instagram captions

If you’ve got content to post to Instagram but aren’t sure how you should make your caption, that’s an issue.

The caption and hashtags paired with your posts on Instagram are vital to getting engagement from new followers, so you need to find something that’s relevant and exciting for your viewers.

Just putting any caption isn’t going to work, and nor is something relevant yet boring.

Whether it’s a picture of your new products, something that you got up to, or otherwise, artificial intelligence tools like Optimo can help you to come up with something that will interest your audience.

For the optimal amount of engagement on your posts, all you need to do is describe what your post is about, and you’ll receive an engaging caption with relevant hashtags.

Content calendar

Content calendar

One of the most important parts of social media marketing or growth is being able to consistently interact with your audience without spamming or running out of content.

Being dry on content can lead to thoughtless posts or repeated and uninteresting posts.

Putting out the same content over and over again, or meaningless content is a great way to lose followers – it’s just not ideal when you’re trying your hardest to grow.

Many businesses have experienced professionals running their social media, but even they will run out of ideas at some point if the business is slow.

This is where AI can come in handy.

AI tools like Optimo have a content calendar feature, in which you enter a keyword related to your business or content – and you’ll be provided with 4 weeks’ worth of content suggestions.

These suggestions are put together using a large amount of social media data based on user engagement, more than any individual would be able to accurately analyze.

As mentioned before, this content should be posted at the best time of the day if you’re going to get the most engagement from it.

Even the most high-quality content creation will go without engagement if you haven’t applied effective social media scheduling to it.

Tweet ideas

Tweet ideas

Keeping up the constant creativity for your tweets isn’t easy, and sometimes you may find yourself racking your brain for something new and interesting.

It’s not easy, but it’s also not worth risking spamming your audience.

If your followers notice that your tweets have become stale, they’ll leave – and people won’t follow you over posts they don’t find engaging.

In times like these, you can consider leaning ai powered tools – just to get an idea of what you could post that would work.

Thanks to machine learning, artificial intelligence ‘understands’ what it takes for your tweets to bring in a lot of attention.

Using an AI social media tool like Optimo can help you to formulate successful tweets of your own, and give you something to work with before you decide on a final post.

All you need to do is feed the tool your topic of discussion, and you’ll be provided with 5 tweets that should work for your target audience.

Of course, how and when you tweet them is important, but the idea is to get something related to what your audience is currently enjoying.

Examples of AI in social media

AI has been used in the social media market for years, and you would have seen multiple examples of it already.

Machine learning has long been a part of targeted social media ads, and most people have seen these advertisements pop up that are related to things they’ve either talked about or searched for on their devices.

Social media marketers rely on things like this to save money, as they’re not having to advertise to a broad audience of people who may not even be interested in their products or services.


It goes beyond just marketing, and Facebook has been using AI to monitor posts without the need for human interference.

The AI looks for social media posts that may contain abuse.

The AI tool is called Deep Text, which has learned natural language processing through machine learning, to better understand what could appear as abuse.

For example, simply flagging every social media post that contains curse words wouldn’t help at all – it’s more about how things are said.

Facebook is just one of the social media platforms with a social media AI.


When you’re browsing different social media platforms, one of the main things that keep you engaged is being displayed content that is relevant to you and your interests.

These things don’t just happen magically, and Twitter’s social media AI aims to provide users with the content that is most relevant to what the user is there to see.

Similarly, this is the same kind of data that tools like Optimo would use in order to understand what would bring the most engagement.

You want your tweets to be recommended by Twitter to your audience.

Similar to Facebook, Twitter also has an AI tool that helps it to identify abusive tweets through machine learning.

On a daily basis, there are far too many tweets being put out to manually moderate – it would be impossible to keep up with everything.

Instead, Twitter relies on AI to moderate the abusive and extreme social media posts being made.


AI isn’t just great for recognizing interesting content and abusive texts, however, as it can be used for many other things, too.

Social media platforms like Snapchat and Tiktok rely on AI to work with filters that users can use when taking videos or pictures of themselves.

These filters need to recognize different parts of the face in order to superimpose these filters onto users accurately.

If you use Snapchat or Tiktok, you would likely have seen others making use of these filters – whether they’re used to completely alter the face for comedic effect, or make slight adjustments.

Artificial intelligence is everywhere you look, and it’s here to stay – especially when it comes to social media.

There are endless applications, and it’s a tool that you shouldn’t try to go without, especially when you know your competitors are going to be making use of it.

Give your own input

While these AI tools have proven to be valuable for generating engaging social media content, it’s important that you’re still giving your own input into social posts.

Whether you’re a business trying to grow your social media page, or an individual influencer – having a social media page run completely by artificial intelligence tools lacks the human touch that a lot of social media users are looking for.

At the end of the day, if you’re not only using AI to boost your engagement and improve the content that you’re already providing – it’s not really going to be you that your followers are paying attention to.

It may come across as uncanny, and without that human interference, you may struggle to gain the followers you’re aiming for – even while using AI tools.

The main takeaway

Social media platforms are growing every day thanks to the opportunities they provide, and their accessibility to pretty much anyone with a smart device or computer.

Very much can be said about Ai tools, and if you’re aiming to grow your image through social media channels – AI tools are easily accessible for you to use.

Heaps of user data is being processed to figure out what makes for more engaging content, and artificial intelligence is able to provide accurate suggestions based on that.

As these tools are becoming easier to access, you can expect competing influencers and businesses to be making full use of them.

If you don’t want to be working at a disadvantage while growing your social media pages – you should use the tools that you have available to you.

They’re affordable and easy enough for anyone to use.

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