How to Use AI for Business: Embracing Technology for a Leg Up

Every year, AI is getting more and more intelligent, and with that, it becomes more useful to both businesses and the general public.

It’s everywhere you look, even if you don’t realize it – and it’s likely that you interact with artificial intelligence in business on a daily basis. 

With AI as it is now, it has proven to be an incredibly valuable tool for businesses and can be used to boost many different business processes.

While it won’t necessarily take over a business, it can be used to improve things that you or your employees have a hand in.

Integrating AI into your b business process can help to improve your SEO, content creation, market research, and more.

There’s no real reason not to use it, especially when you can get your hands on such tools for free.

What is AI?

So the term artificial intelligence or AI gets thrown around a lot these days, and what it’s referring to can be very broad.

AI is used in many different instances surrounding technology, with many different purposes.

You may have heard of it from Sci-Fi movies where it’s portrayed as an evil entity with plans to take over the world; however in reality – it’s an incredible tool being used to improve the lives and processes of many all over the world.

From process automation, to image recognition, to data science and analytics – AI capabilities are outgrowing far more than the human brain can handle.

Machine learning

If you’ve heard of artificial intelligence being used in business, then you’ve also likely heard the term ‘machine learning’.

Machine learning is a term that gets thrown around a lot, as it’s a major way that AI systems are trained.

Without machine learning, AI wouldn’t be able to grow what it understands, and it would struggle to provide accurate data.

The way it works is, an AI is fed a large amount of data to “learn”.

It processes the data and uses what it “knows” to compare and process new data.

This can be done for any set of data, like natural language processing, customer behavior, and more.

These machine learning algorithms can then be used to generate predictions based on that data, which is where it can be incredibly useful for businesses.

Having an AI that can predict and understand customer requests and behavior makes it much easier for businesses to make more promising decisions.

How can a business make use of AI?

It’s time to get into the specifics.

Yes, AI is great, and can be used in a number of ways to save time and boost productivity; but how?

Well, in the case of this article – it’s through tools like Optimo.

At its core, it’s a marketing tool that’s here to help business leaders integrate AI into various marketing processes.

As mentioned before, it’s not a replacement for the employees who would usually handle things – but a means of giving your business a competitive advantage.

You give your input, and then using all the data that it has analyzed previously, it can improve what you’ve given it.

Using the brand name generator, for example.

Optimo understands what sounds catchy to a consumer, and will generate something based on your business.

Importance of using AI

As of right now, if you’re not yet using AI for your business, you might feel like you don’t need it.

It’s true, you don’t need to rely on it for your business to succeed – but not using it could hinder your capabilities.

There’s a lot more to it than just getting a catchier slogan for your business, or saving time – there are major advantages that come with using AI as a marketing tool for your business.

Business today isn’t the same as it used to be years ago, and it continues to change.

  • Your Competition: The main reason why it’s important for you to consider using tools like Optimo for your business is that your competitors are likely also using AI. You can’t expect to have fair competition if you’re not putting these advanced technologies to use. AI uses high-quality data that most small business owners won’t have access to, and if you’re skipping out on that while your competitors are taking full advantage of it – you’re going to struggle to keep up.
  • Evolving Market: As mentioned before, business today isn’t the same as it used to be. The market is ever-evolving, and deep learning algorithms have helped many business owners to get a better understanding of what it is that improves the customer experience. Even if you’ve done your market research, there’s only so much you can do in a limited time, which is why you could consider using AI tools.
  • Saving Time: One of the major benefits of AI in business is how much time it can save you and your employees. With AI automating several business processes, employees’ time can be spent focusing on more important tasks that require human intervention instead. In the same vein, smaller businesses won’t need as much manpower to handle their everyday tasks.

That’s just to name a few examples of why artificial intelligence is so important for your business.

The possibilities are limitless, and the list of benefits is growing each day.

How to use AI for your business

If you’re interested in using Optimo for your business, you’ll see that there are a number of business applications listed on the front page.

Everything is broken up into categories, and each category has a number of features – providing users with numerous options to choose from.

How to use AI for your business

Social media marketing

Creating social media content that your audience finds engaging can be difficult for any business.

You’ve got such a limited word count to work with, and posting something relevant to your business that’s going to grab the attention of your followers can take some serious creativity.

Take an Instagram post for example.

You don’t want to write something too long, and you want your hashtags to cover all of the bases without going overboard.

With Optimo, you can describe the post you’re planning to make, and you’ll be provided with a number of suggested captions and hashtags that will match your post.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to tweet something to maintain your social media interaction – you should avoid spamming.

With Optimo, you can input the topic or industry you’re looking to create a relevant tweet for, and you’ll receive 5 tweets that are relevant to your audience.

Social media marketing

Brand naming

Deciding on your brand name is arguably one of the most important decisions you can make for your business.

It can be difficult to rebrand under a different brand name, so it’s important you get it right the first time.

The problem is, where do you start?

Well, getting ideas for your business has never been easier thanks to artificial intelligence.

Simply describe your business to Optimo, and you can receive 10 different brand name ideas.

Whether you take one to use for your business, or just use them for inspiration, you’ll be getting the head start every small business owner need.

Email responses

Reaching out to customers is a necessary part of any business, but not all customers are easy to handle.

Difficult customers can be difficult to sway, and de-escalating a situation over email is no easy task.

You may be surprised that artificial intelligence can help you to solve simpler business problems such as writing an email that your difficult customers will find agreeable.

Write your own response email, feed it to Optimo, and receive a revised version that will make it easier to turn the situation around.

Market research

There’s only so much market research an individual with limited human resources can do, and even then, the results can be easily misinterpreted if you don’t have the full picture.

Thanks to AI’s deep learning algorithms, it quickly analyzes the data in front of it and makes an accurate conclusion based on just that.

Explaining your business to Optimo can help you to figure out exactly who your target audience is, and gives you an idea on how you can reach them best.

Market Research

Examples of businesses using AI

As previously mentioned, it’s likely that you interact with artificial intelligence on a daily basis.

Bigger businesses have been using AI for years for process automation, and applying machine learning algorithms to a number of different areas of their various business functions.

Improving marketing schemes, customer experience, and customer service – a lot of it has either been handled, or improved by AI systems.

Here are a few examples that you have likely seen or interacted with:


If you’ve ever purchased or browsed Amazon, then you’ve interacted with artificial intelligence.

Amazon uses machine learning algorithms to analyze user purchase and browsing habits so that product recommendations can be as accurate as possible.

This way, you may be recommended products that you didn’t even know you wanted.

Amazon also uses AI to optimize its pricing.

Prices will be adjusted automatically to best suit factors like demand and competition between companies – ensuring that the prices of various products are always kept at an optimal number.


Google’s main function uses AI to provide the most relevant search results to its users.

Google uses natural language processing to better understand the content on webpages, as well as what users are searching for.

With this information, users are displayed with more accurate results based on what they have input into the search engine.

It’s likely that you’ve seen advertisements displayed on various websites around the web, and if you’re using Google – you should know that these advertisements are being displayed to you for a reason.

Google ads use artificial intelligence to target users who are a more fitting demographic for the ad as a means of more efficient marketing.

User search interests and behavior are analyzed to provide the most relevant advertisements.


Even when you’re relaxing at home, you’re likely interacting with AI-powered systems.

Netflix uses AI-powered recommendations to provide users with options that they are more likely to find enjoyable.

Not only does this improve user experience, but it makes the service much more reliable and engaging for the user.

It goes beyond just those notable examples, and there’s a chance that you’ve seen even more examples of AI being used by small businesses already.

Over the past few years, AI image generation has gotten more and more intelligent with machine learning – now able to produce images that could be passed off as photographs or professionally created art.

While laws are still being made over whether or not money can be made from these pieces, there’s a chance you’ve seen them being used by various businesses as promotional art, thumbnails, or otherwise.

How AI Can help you reach your goals

Small business owners are often faced with many challenges shortly after starting up.

You’re working with limited time, your responsibilities are endless, and you need to be creative to survive.

All of these challenges can be made much easier and more achievable by implementing AI into your business operations.

If you’re going to make it in the business world, then you need to be an opportunist – and artificial intelligence is an incredible opportunity.

Making the difference

AI is an easy-to-use tool that’s accessible to any business owner.

Thanks to predictive analytics, it provides countless business benefits to all business leaders.

Marketing decisions can be made much more accurately and safely, and it saves you a huge chunk of time and effort while doing so.

AI tools are here to stay, and they’re only going to become more and more useful through deep learning models and data analytics.

Whether it’s making a simple social media post, or generating complex and engaging content for your blog, systems like Optimo show why artificial intelligence in business is so valuable.

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